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I’m a nerd. I love to read. Even though I didn’t feel like I read much in 2013, I managed to knock out 10 really good books! One of my habits is to write a mini book report after I read a book. It helps me process what I got out of it and just might encourage someone else too. These are ordered with my personal favorites listed first.   The Peacemaking Pastor. The author did...
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“How good is good enough?”  “When will God finally be pleased with me?”  “Maybe I shouldn’t sing along this Sunday morning after last night.”  “When I finally get this or that right, I’ll be on track with God.” Have you ever thought like this?  Then read this book!  God is not interested in you getting it all right.  Can you be saved by being a good person?  (No!)  God desires us to come face to face...
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