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Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Starting in January, Women’s Ministry will offer a 12 week study of the book of Daniel Wednesday evenings. The study will meet January 17 - April 18, from 6:15 - 7:15pm at the Becker Middle School. The first half of the study will look at how Daniel lived with integrity for God. The second half will focus on biblical prophecies in Daniel. Books will cost $20 and there will not be childcare. Contact Tara L. for more information.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

What: Romans
When: February 28 for 8 weeks; 8:30-10:30
Where: Becker Baptist's HUB
Details: Even if you haven't studied the previous sections of Romans with us, you can jump in at this point. Romans is the foundation of our faith and worth the effort!
Childcare is provided.
Contact Dawn B. for more information or to sign up.

If you wanted a another option here's a link to some studies Jen Wilkin has written. You can download the material for free and listen to her audio! Grab a few ladies or do it on your own!
Bible Studies by Jen Wilkin

**Keep your eye out form summer sign ups starting in May for Summer Bible Study in small groups.**


There are currently 25 pairs of women/teens meeting. Praise God for what He is doing! If you are interested in growing deeper in your walk with God by being mentored or mentoring, please contact Kimberly D. or Dawn B. "Because we loved you so much, we delighted not only to share the gospel with you, but our lives as well." 1 Thessalonians 2:8



The Adult Sunday School is at 9AM in room 229 and 225.

Option 1: (room 229) discover how to dig into the passage that Pastor Patrick will be covering during the service. We will dig deeper to find truths, discover lessons, applications and ways to pray through the Scripture passage.
Option 2: (room 225) a topical study. (marriage/parenting/relationships/discipleship)


Thank you Sarah P. and Christina M. for heading up this amazing group of women who demonstrate such hospitality hosting our meals at church (Celebration Sunday for example)! This takes a LOT of work and we are so grateful to these women who serve.

After taking the Spiritual Gifts survey, maybe you discovered you have the gift of helps or hospitality. This is a great area in which you could serve our church - and we need you! If you feel God prompting you to help in this area, please contact Sarah P. or Christina M..


Here are a few words from Kami P., our Meals Ministry coordinator:

Love to cook? Love to help others in need? If so, we need you! The Meals Ministry is looking to add members to its team of meal providers. When a need (birth, surgery, death of a loved one, etc...) arises a notification goes out to our team and if you are able to help out, great!! If that date doesn't work, there will always be others that arise throughout the year. Jump in whenever it works for you to serve! It may be once a year or 10 times a year, it is your choice. We simply encourage you to consider joining this team as a way to serve in our church and community!! It is truly heartwarming to deliver a meal to someone who needs it and see their smile of appreciation!! If you would like to join this team or would like more information about this ministry, please contact Kami P.



Ladies, join us in celebrating the upcoming wedding of Johannah C., daughter of Dale and Jodi C. A bridal shower will take place on Sunday, April 22 from 1:30 to 3:30pm at Laurie H.'s home. Johannah is registered at Target and Zola (online shopping). Contact Laurie with questions or the church office at 763-261-4125.

Looking to connect with other women? Keep an eye out for some events being planned by our Event Planning Team. If you have ideas or would like to be a part of this, contact Gwen P., Barb S. or Kim S.

Want to keep updated? Here are ways to find out what's happening:

- Facebook page "BEFC Women's Ministry"
- WM chalkboard easel at the Welcome Center when you come in the HS
- Monthly WM emails
- The Grid

It is our goal to have an event every quarter to allow us to have time together to connect with each other.

Women's Ministry Team:

Dawn Bengtson
Kimberly Drury
Molly Howse
Gwen Paulson
Sarah Petroske
Barb Schendel

Women's Ministry
Mission statement:
BEFC women's ministry exists to glorify God by bringing women into a vibrant, personal relationship with our Savior and provide opportunities for them to grow spiritually, to fellowship and encourage one another, and to equip them to serve Him in our homes, church, community and around the world.

The several ways we provide these opportunities are:
1. Connecting:
Socials: Purpose is to fellowship with and encourage women in our church and community in informal gatherings, to touch them with the love of Christ, and to draw them closer to Him.
Showers: Offered to encourage and equip newly engaged or expectant women to serve the Lord beginning in their homes.

2. Growing:
Bible studies: Designed to help women grow in their relationship with the Lord. Times offered: Monday afternoons, Wednesday mornings at Grace Lutheran, Wednesday evenings during Hiz Kids, Thursday mornings and Sunday mornings during Disciple U.
Dig Deeper seminar: Previously offered several times per year to teach women how to dig deeper in personal Bible study. Offered now as the need arises.

3. Serving:
Meals Ministry: Serves members in our church and community with meals or other help when the need arises.
Service projects: Have included cleaning day at the church office. Cooking day to help prepare meals for families in need.

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See a schedule of our meetings and events.  We'd love to see you there!


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